Thursday, November 5, 2009

Finding deals while shopping

One of the first blogs I ever found and still read is A few weeks ago she posted a coupon for 20% off at a Coach Outlet. Here's my found deal. (P.S. She now has a link to ANOTHER coupon here.)
As a young female I enjoy shopping. I recognized this while in high school, and planned on going into the world of math and science because a) I performed well in those subjects and b) you can make a decent salary in that field.
But I grew up on Route 66 jeans. You know the ones from K-Mart. To this day I refuse to shop in that store. My mom still shops there a lot, and I hate getting gifts from there. Yet shopping there you learn to be a great bargain shopper, and I almost refuse to pay full price for anything these days. And coupons are almost a must as well.
Bargains can be found all around you…
These days I am “high class” *smirk* with my Coach bag collection. Some friends think I am crazy for spending the money I do on them, but they are the one area where I splurge a little. That doesn’t mean that when I go shopping for a new bag, I’m not hunting for the best bargain.
A few weekends ago I went to the Coach outlet with my 20% off coupon that I found on a blog. I looked all around and found exactly what I had in mind.
The bag was originally $188.00 retail. But it has been redlined for $80.00. Even better, it was also on a display that made it 50% off the redline price. So my end total for the bag was $32.00! I also spent an extra 7 bucks on a new key ring. My old one was getting all rusty. And when I checked out the cashier told me “Oh, you found one of the best deals in the store.” You betcha!

Where have you found some awesome deals in the clothing or accessories market?

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